Bringing you uplifting music from around the world


Since I first became a Bahá'í in the early 1980's I was very much impressed by the expression of music in the Bahá'í Faith, and was always quite interested in offering my music as a form of service. Bahá'u'lláh tells us that work offered in the spirit of service is accepted as worship to God, so it is easy to understand why I feel like I have the greatest job in the world. I was always interested in adapting that music, whether it was a choir piece, an orchestra piece, Persian, or whatever, onto the solo

guitar, and the Bahá'í community has always been very supportive in asking me to perform at various Bahá'í events, for which I am quite gratefull. The pieces included in in this collection are from various sources; many from the Bahá'í World Congress in New York in 1992, some well loved childrens songs, a song from Iran, from Hawaii, from Swaziland....

I offer this music in the spirit of sacrifice for our beloved Bahá'í brethren in the cradle of the Bahá'í Faith, Iran, who for the past 160 years or more have been such stalwart examples and have demonstrated to all the world what it means to be a Bahá'í, no matter what the consequence.

"And be thou so steadfast in My love that thy heart shall not waver, even in the swords of the enemies rain blows upon thee and all the heavens and the earth arise against thee..." - Bahá'u'lláh.

I hope you will enjoy this offering, and use it in your devotional gatherings, or in your meditations and Holy Day observances,

or just in your own moments of reflection. 

                                                                         Jamie Findlay.